As farmers ourselves, we know how important it is to have the support of the local community. We take special care to ensure our shelves are always stocked with local products from local producers.

We're always looking for new suppliers, so if your a supplier of produce, meat or other grocery products please don't hesitate to give us a ring - we'd love to hear from you!

Annabelles Bakery ( Cairns )
Products: Bread

Barramundi Gardens  (Julatten)
Products:  Barramundi Spring Rolls
Bradley Jonsson (Spud Country) (Evelyn)

Products: Potato 

Broken Nose Vanilla
Products:  Vanilla, Vanilla Tea, Coffee & Sugar

Cairns Natural Spring Water (Cairns)

Products: Bottled Water 

Cairns Wholesale Bakery
Products:  Bread, Bread Rolls, French Sticks

Carlo Brandimarte (Koah)

Products: Lemon, Grapefruit, Manderine 

Casa Pasta (Forrest Beach)

Products: Pasta Sauce  

Charley's Chocolate (Mission Beach)
Products: Selection of chocolate bars

Cousins Ice (Cairns)

Products: Ice 

Dairy Farmers (Cairns)

Products: Milk and Dairy Products 

Daintree Cocoa Pty Ltd (Daintree)
Products:  Chocolate

Daintree Vanilla & Spice (Daintree)
Products:  Vanilla

Dino's Woodfired Bakery (Cairns)

Products: Bread, Pizza Base 

Domigo Coffee (Mareeba)
Products:  Coffee

Fangs ( Cairns )  
Products: Chilli Sauce

Fenglehorn ( Cairns )
Products: Sweet Chilli Sauce

Gagarra Honey (Ravenshoe)

Products: Honey 

Gallo Dairyland (Atherton)

Products: Cheese          
Hashams Dips (Cairns)
Products: Savoury Dips 

High Country Avocados (Evelyn)

Products: Avocado 

Jaques Coffee (Mareeba)
Products: Coffee            

Kuranda Candy  (Kuranda)

Products: Candy 

Kuranda Cookies (Kuranda)
Products: Biscuits  

Kuranda Fudge ( Kuranda )
Products: Fudge, Candy & Hot Drinks 

Kuranda Homemade Ice Cream (Kuranda)

Products: Ice Cream             
Licks Gelato
Products: Ice Cream

Little Tuna ( Cairns )
Products: Tuna

Mackerel Man  NQ  (Cairns)
Products:  Seafood

Mary's Pasta (Moresby)

Products: Pasta Sauce 

Mt Uncle Banana Flour (Walkamin)
Product:  Banana Flour

Mungalli Creek Dairy  (Millaa Millaa)

Products: Milk and Dairy Products and Eggs 

Nerada Tea (Tablelands)

Products: Tea

Pinata (Mareeba)

Products: Pineapple 

Qld Yoghurt Cairns (Stratford)

Products: Yoghurt, Savoury Dips,  Cheese 

Rainforest Bounty (Malanda)

Products: Jams, Sauces    

Scoo Brew ( Cairns )
Products: Kombucha          

Shaylee Farms (Atherton)

Products: Jams  and Strawberries

Skybury (Mareeba)

Products: Papaya 

Skybury Coffee Centre (Mareeba)

Products: Coffee 

Spice Girls (Mareeba)

Products: Herbs, Spices 

Spicez (Koah)

Products: Herbs, Spices             

Stockmans Eggs (Kairi)

Products: Eggs 

Suttons Juice (Stanthorpe)

Products: Bottled Juices 

Sweet Buzz Honey (Cairns)

Products: Honey              

Sweet Leaf ( Kuranda )
Products: Bliss Balls
Tableland Village Herb Farm
Products: Herbs

Tarzali Lakes  (Tarzali)
Products:  Smoked Small goods

Termite (Kuranda)

Products: Sauces,  Jams 

The Mete Family  (Tablelands)
Products:  Capsicums, Egg Plant, watermelon

The Tea Chest (Diwan)
Products:  Tea

Tichum Creek Coffee (Mareeba)

Products: Coffee 

Tropical Harvest (Tully)

Products: Frozen Fruit and Dried Fruit
Wombinoo Station (Warren and Gail Jonsson) (Mt Garnet)

Products: MSA Graded Beef 

Wondaree Macadamias (Tolga)

Products: Macadamias

Yamagishism Life Cairns
Products:  Eggs


Trading Hours at Stratford Market  

Monday to Saturday 6am - 6.00pm
Sunday 6am - 5pm

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