About Us

Jonssons Farm Market is a wholesale and retail outlet providing consumers with an overall package of freshness, quality and competitive pricing for a range of fresh produce, meats and other local products.

The market was established as an alternative to the major supermarket chains, and is focused on sourcing locally grown products and featuring ‘in-season’ local fruit and vegetables, fresh meat, flowers, dairy and frozen items.

As 4th generation farmers ourselves from the Atherton Tablelands, we understand the frustrations of being a producer and the ongoing issues that we have to experience in being constantly dictated by the markets and major chains in pricing, product type and the extreme price differences from the paddock to the supermarket shelves, that we as both producers and consumers get no additional benefit from.

We have seen this as an opportunity to have those same products, as well as additional varieties, sizing and heirloom types, available to the local community, while at the same time rewarding both the farmer and the customer by putting more money back into their pockets.

Our goal is to improve returns to the farmer by reducing costs on transportation, agency fees and other expenses that incur when we send products to the southern markets and give some of that back to the producers by implementing a marketing system that has all local products available on a bigger scale by bringing them together under one roof.

We welcome all farmers, producers and suppliers in the region to not only help support our visions, but to be involved in helping supply product to Jonssons Farm Market. 

For those interested in supplying product and for more information please contact us. 

email: enquiries@jonssonsfarmmarket.com.au | phone: 4058 9000

Trading Hours at Stratford Market  

Monday to Saturday 6am - 6.00pm
Sunday 6am - 5pm

Public Holidays - 9am - 5pm

Contact Us


31 Johnston Street, Stratford Qld 4870 

P: (07) 4058 9000   |  F: (07) 4058 2777

E enquiries@jonssonsfarmmarket.com.au