JONSSON'S FARM MARKET SPECIALS                               

1kg Bag Tomatoes                                                  $ 1.99 ea
 KP Mangoes                                                            $ 2.99 ea   Chicken Kiev's                                                       $ 4.95 ea
Chicken Enchilada's                                               $ 4.95 ea
Marinated Chicken Nibbles                            2kg For $ 12.00 

On special 16th of August 2018 - 22nd of August 2018,
 unless sold out

Fruit & Veg Specials available Stratford & Earlville Market.
Meat Specials only available at the Stratford Market
    Diamond 4J quality meat is the Jonsson's
own beef that is bred & fed on their own
Cattle Station it is also MSA Graded.
 "Every Family needs a Farmer"